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На этой страничке вы можете скачать неофициальный саундтрек сериала Скользящие. Официальный саундтрек сериала Sliders к сожалению не выходил, и все представленные тут композиции собраны фанатами. Музыка из фантастического сериала Паралельные миры разделена на три категории - Instrumental Scores, Theme Songs And Bumpers и Vocal Performances. Bitrate: 192 kbps, все композиции в формате mp3. Загрузка бесплатная и производится со стороннего сайта. Если вы никогда не пользовались DepositFiles, рекомендуем предварительно ознакомится с инструкцией. Свои отзывы и предложения оставляйте пожалуйста в гостевой

Instrumental Scores
Theme Songs And Bumpers
Vocal Performances

Season 1
It's Almost Beautiful...
It's Another Small World, After All
Mindgame Theme
Robin's Hoods
Society Of Mind
A Bunch Of Squares
Anybody Messes With Us Now...
I Can't Swim...

Season 2
Run, Wade, Run!
Sf National Penitentiary
Stupid Furback!
The Big One
I Owe You My Brain!
Only Thing We Have In Common
Rain Of Terror
Can't Save Every World...
Damn You.
Dead Wood
Everything In Place
As Time Goes Backwards

Season 3
To Love And Lose
Silent Night
The Lost Parallel World
My Name Isn't Jim...
On Loyalty
Flight Of The Cajunator
Hey, Scarface!
Last Remote Before An Execution
...And Now They're Gone
Blind Ambition

Season 4
Next Stop, Family Reunion
The Battle Of California
We'll Be Back
What We're All Looking For
Worst Cookies Ever
Enter The Duck
It's Been A Stone Gas
Lipschitz Theme

Season 5
What Do We Do Now
I'll Always Be With You...
Something To Believe In
That 70's Scenario
The Quintessential Danny Lux
Exhibit A
Hooked But Good

Season 1
Pilot Theme
Season 1
Season 1 [End]

Season 2
Season 2
Season 2 [End]

Season 3
Season 3
Season 3 [End]

Season 4
Season 4
Season 4 [End]

Season 5
Season 5 [Diana]
Season 5 [Maggie]
Season 5 [Mallory]
Season 5 [End]

Season 1
Amazing Grace
Cry Like A Man
Disco Remmy
I Can't Help Myself
Library Rap
Purple Hawaii
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Star-Spangled Banner
Tears In My Fro
Tears On My Pillow
Whip It

Season 2
Praying To Jesus [Extended]
Praying To Jesus

Season 3
Dead Beat
Falling Behind
Hush, Hush
I'd Pawn My Gold Crown For You
Oh! Darling
Prices Are The Lowest Here
Tears I Shed
Tears In My Fro [Extended]
Way Over Yonder

Season 4
America The Beautiful
Camptown Races
Cry Like A Man [Data World]
Initiation Sequence
Purple Hawaii (Data World)
Stolen Angel
Sudden Light
Tight Pants

Season 5
Downtown Brown
He Must Be Dreaming
He Must Be Dreaming II



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